TOFWERK Vocus CI-TOF Breath Inlet

  • Reproducible and direct breath sampling with the Vocus CI-TOF for quantitative VOC and VIC analysis

• Unidirectional flow assures user safety
• Flow rate measurement for reproducible sampling
• Heated interface for efficient transfer of lower volatility compounds
• Adjustable backpressure to provide comfortable sampling for people of all ages and medical conditions
• Automated inlet flushing to minimize background interference and cross-contamination

Disease diagnostics research
Breathomics research
Monitoring therapeutic treatment
Precision medicine

Vocus Breathe
Web-based software for intuitive instrument operation and reproducible breath sampling.
• State machine controlling all instrument parameters enabling data collection via non-scientific personnel
• Integrated flow measurement
• Automated breath detection and background measurement
• Directly export data to csv or text file
• Real-time result reporting

Breath exhalations measured by the Vocus CI-TOF

A series of exhalations measured with the Vocus CI-TOF. Time traces of Acetone, Acetic acid, Isoprene and Monoterpenes are selected and displayed directly as mixing ratio in ppbV. The logarithmic scale helps to highlight the span of mixing ratios for present VOCs – from lower ppt concentrations to the hundreds in ppb concentrations.


The disposable mouthpiece is placed into the mouthpiece adapter. Exhaled air is automatically detected by the packaged software application, Vocus Breathe.
A clean-air background is generated and measured by default. This internally generated clean air continuously flushes the transfer line between exhalations, providing immediate background measurements and mitigating cross-contamination. By switching the clean air valve to the "off" position, VOCs in ambient air can be directly measured. Integrated calibration hardware and software allows for easy switching to calibration mode without removing the breath inlet.

Length 0.5 – 1 m
Temperature range 40°C – 150°C
Mouthpiece adapter PTFE, removable and autoclavable
Internal sample tubing 1/8" OD, 1/16" ID
PFA, replaceable
Disposable mouthpiece Mouthpieces with integrated water trap and check valve ensure hygienic operation, prevent backwards flow and breath test blow failures. Honeywell
Very low cost and can be ordered in bulk.