The New ‘Series II’ High Performance Kore PTR-TOF-MS
High sensitivity resulting in low detection limits for analyte species
High mass resolution for unambiguous identification of chemical species
A rugged, transportable instrument for use in field work
High Mass Resolution

C2H3O+ and C3H7+ both appear at mass 43.
But C2H3O+ has an exact mass of 43.0184 whereas C3H7+ has an exact mass of 43.0546

Mass Range: unlimited in principle
Mass resolution: > 5,000 (FWHM)
Response time: 50~100ms
Benzene >75 cps/ppbv
Trichlorobenzene >75 cps/ppbv
Detection Limit1: Benzene 5pptv averaged over one minute
Linearity Range: 5pptv – 50ppm
Mass Accuracy2: 1mamu (interpolated), 2mamu (extrapolated)
Pulse frequency
Tested to 100kHz
Typically operated at 20-30kHz
Inlet gas flow rate: Up to 300 atmospheric cm3/min (sccm)
Reaction chamber heating: to 100°C
Inlet Heater: up to 150°C
Power Supply: 220-240 volts, 1kW
Dimensions: 61x165x80cm (width, height, depth)
Weight: 250kg
Data acquisition System: Rack-mounted PC or laptop
Note 1: As defined by the noise 0.5 mass units away (Ionikon definition)
Note 2: Using a three point calibration up to mass 57, with extrapolation to mass 100