The Original 'Series I' Kore PTR-TOF-MS

  • The original Series I 'research' instrument from Kore is still available, and indeed in 2011 now has considerably improved sensitivity.
    The instrument was designed to work in university and other research laboratories. It has what we call an 'open architecture', and this allows the instrument to be closely coupled to other client techniques, such as reaction flow tube experiments.
    This instrument has been taken on field campaigns, but is not packaged in a 'box'.

Mass Range: unlimited in principle
Mass resolution: ³ 1,500 ( FWHM )
Response time: ~100ms
Sensitivity: Benzene >150 cps/ppbv ; Trichlorobenzene >150cps/ppbv
Detection Limit: Benzene 5 pptv averaged over one minute
Linearity Range: 5pptv – 50 ppm
Pulse frequency:Tested to 100 kHz Typically operated at 30-50 kHz
Inlet gas flow rate: Up to 300 atmospheric cm3/min ( sccm )
Reaction chamber heating: to 100°C
Power Supply: 220 - 240 volts, 1kW
Dimensions: 120 x 155 x 76 cm ( width, height, depth )
Weight: 190 kg
Data acquisition System: Rack-mounted PC or laptop