Multi-Point Odor Monitoring and Sampling System

How to detect ?
Odor monitoring device

High sensitivity hot-wire semiconductor sensor
Humidity, Hydrogen, Methane….won't be the interference during the detection
Sensor can only detect the odor compound

Sensitivity Graph

Temperature and Humidity Test

How to monitor and sampling ?

Air sampling method
Use vacuum method to prevent contaminate in sample flow path.
Sampling can be trigger by high concentration or remote start by monitoring software.
Each station can equipped two tedlar bags or two canisters.
( Using tedlar bag or canister should confirm with customer before place order )
When the first bag begin to sampling, it must wait at least 60 second to start bag2.
LED indicator value vs odor index Calibrate by Triangular Odor Bag Method

indicator OdorIndex
0 0
1 6
2 10
3 22
4 40
5 80
6 200
7 500
8 900
9 1500
10 Over 1500

Application in Formosa Plastic Taiwan
Example – Elementary School near petroleum plant

Real Time Monitoring Software

Real Time Odor Index monitor

Historical Data : Auto sampling due to odor over range

Recorded data print out

Group sampling function

Trend chart by each station

Historical Data recall in one year

Our customers
Formosa Plastic Taiwan
Formosa Plastic Ningbo China
TSMC14F 15F 12F
Nuclear Research Academy
Environmental Bureau Yunlin, Taiwan
Real time odor index display and auto updated on monitoring software
Remote gas sampling
Can be installed on the surrounding of petrochemical industrial factory to keep the real odor sample at the right time
Help to manage the odor eliminate device
Vacuum sample method can be used in tedlar bag or canister.
The software can be customized in other language