Unmanned ground vehicle GR-7200
Green River Technology has integrated MS200 and unmanned ground vehicles together, GR - 7200. It can comply the analysis, investigation and monitoring missions effectively, fast unambiguous identification of unknowns, with real image sent back to Control Centre, will help you to get real-time intelligence then make correct decisions.
Fast movement and effective payload weight upgrade, powerful and rugged, GR - 7200 can travel on rough or bumpy road even to climb the stairs, instead of people approaching to those demanding places, GR - 7200 provides a more safety condition when you are working in multi-missions.
A revolutionary integration
Green River Technology integrates portable TOF MS - MS 200 and unmanned ground vehicle together - GR - 7200, making detective analyzer to go further, conquering more demanding missions, with data and image transmitting back to the control centre, backing-up to sky-drive simultaneously.
GR - 7200 can help you to collect the data safely, get any circumstances under your control.
Portable Time - of – Flight Mass MS200
MS-200 is a portable, battery powered mass spectrometer for gas analysis entirely contained in a single case.
MS - 200's membrane inlet concentrator allows a wide range of gases to be identified and measured from the low p.p.b. range up to percent levels.
MS200 operates without carry gas, no vacuum pump need in advance, portable, easy to carry, rapid response, one result within 10 seconds; built - in battery can operate about 6 hours continuously.
MS200 's vacuum system maintain in
10 - 8 mbar, detection limit better than 5ppb
( Benzene ), spectra mass range between
1 - 1000 amu, ideal for a variety of circumstances like VOCs, SVOC, flammable gases or hazardous gases.
MS200 Specification
Principle Electron Impact ion source with Time - of - Flight mass spectrum
Ion Source EI 70eV
Sampling system Sample pump built - in, automatic sampling, no adsorption or desorption needed
Sensitivity < 5ppb in 10 secs ( Benzene )
Mass range 1 - 1000 amu
Dynamic range 106
Linearity Better than 5 %
Vacuum pump Ionic pump and Getter pump
Power 120V AC or battery built-in
running time
Analysis : 6.6 hours ( 1 spectrum every 5 minutes )
Pump only : 4 days
Data System Windows based software - GRAMS / AI NIST Mass Library Laptop for system control
Size 531 x 328 x 213 mm
Weight 20 Kg (16Kg no battery )
Manufacturer KORE / UK
MS200 Application
Flammable gases detection and analysis Pipe and flange leak detection - operating on the moving vehicle

( counts )
( % STD )
Relative sensitivity Calculated concentration Concentration In ppb
Propene 999.463 17.3028 5000 0.000000040 40
Isoprene 75.9514 62.9611 5000 0.000000003 3
Styrene 650.12 12.0816 35679.8 0.000000004 4
Ethylbenzene 195.484 58.7875 378209 0.000000000 0.10
Methane 25071.9 1.82383 5000 0.000100300 100300
Ethane 11461.5 5.53993 175.153 0.000001309 1309

Residual flammable gases analysis at the explosion incident site, Aug. , 2014, Kaohsiung
The lowest detectable molecular is 1 amu, MS200 can detect low concentration of flammable gases effectively. E.g. methane or propene
Application on flammable gases analysis
Spectrum of 1 p.p.m. flammable standard gas.
Flammable gases qualitative and quantitative rapidly, display on the window with the compound name and its own concentration.
Application - On emergency mission - Source of pollution tracking
Pollution source tracking mode is available.
Can be complied under high concentration background.
Operating on moving vehicle, once close to the pollution source, the counts of spectrum will increase obviously.
MS200 can identify the compounds and measure to p.p.b. level.
Application Odor compounds monitoring in ambient - operate on moving vehicle
The VOCs concentration monitors around one of Science Park in Taiwan.

Other applications include
The detection and analysis of volatile and semi-volatile organic contaminants(VOCs) on remediation sites - as a fast and cost effective screening process prior to site renewal,
Urban air quality research - measuring the spatial distribution of pollutants,
Industrial hygiene - including the quality analysis of air cleaning systems,
Emergency response testing - fast unambiguous identification of unknowns,
Fire and crime scene investigations - identifying accelerants used in arson at the fire scene.
GR - 7200 High Lights
Flexible driving in various terrains.
Highly configurable.
Long distance wireless remote control , maximum 2 km ( without obstacles obscured ), the installation of relay stations extend remote distance.
Modified payload system make GR - 7200 rated load to 40 kg.
The multi - mission, modular integration with superior power.
Track drive chassis equipped with 2 - link manipulator arms can conquer a variety of terrains. High specification industrial grade brushless DC motors are built - in.
The life of motor is up to 20,000 hours.
Lithium iron-phosphate battery performs a quick charge - discharge speed ; good stability maintains the battery charge - discharge more than 3,000 times.
GR - 7200 Specification
Main material 304 and 316 stainless steel plated with Titanium
Control mode 20 MHz ~ 2.5 GHz 10 CH Remote control receiver and control panel
Drive mode Track drive + 2 - link manipulator arms
Power 24V brushless DC motor with reducer containing x 3 Driver System thermal overload protection Mechanical brake
Power source Lithium ion - phosphate battery ( 24V ) with battery protection control module
Voltage DC24V
Charge time 5 hours
Operating time 6 hours
Power supply 5 V ~ 24 V Output available
Stair climbing ≤ 40° Can stop on the ramp
Size ( H ) 910 ~ 1135 * ( W ) 900 * ( H ) 660 mm ( Without MS 200 )
Operational temperature - 20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
Weight 65 kg
Speed 3.5 km / h
Height 45 mm ( from the ground to the bottom of chassis )
Wireless range 2 Km( Open field without obstacles )
Image transmit 720 P High resolution infrared camera with night - vision function
GR - 7200 Function
Easily climbing or stopping at the ramp.
GR - 7200 chassis is driven by crawler and 2 - link manipulator arms :
Flat ground
Grass ground
Cement ground
Mud ground
Bumpy road
2 - link manipulators can climb on stairs or drive at some demanding places.
Integration of data and image transmission
Data can be sent back to the control centre through wireless and backup to sky - drive at the same time, even though GR - 7200 is damaged unfortunately during the mission, you can still keep the critical data.
Equipped with 720 P high - resolution infrared camera ( with night vision ) provides you a real- time image at a safe distance from the incident. You can also choose to install an infrared thermal imaging camera, to look up for the source of pollution or gas leak point accurately.
We are happily to customize any modules for a variety of application or develop sampling instrument with GR - 7200 for you, e.g. soil, water or ambient. If you need more information, please contact us directly.